Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mh.t031 - theirhands.thanx#1 (2013)


/Psych-rock, Avant-garde, Art punk, Experimentalism, Dream folk, Noise, Sound art, No Wave, Experimental electronica, Abstract, Acousmatics/

: this clump of 7 tracks is a formidable yet entertaining insight into the profound world of Myhand.Thanx Records. There are represented such artists as mutantbeatniks, Jeremy Gluck and Dave Fuglewizc, Zoomonk, Hangin Freud, ThOmas.W, Giles Morris, and Jacques de Villiers. Stylistically the whole extends from contained, concrete sound infiltrated ambient progressions and dreamy, otherworldly folk appearances to more highfaluting psych-rock and avant-punk/No Wave tinged noises, malignant but somewhat subdued dark ambient contemplations and acute but poignant electronic experiments charting and embedding frantic turns and wraparounds, exalting frequency based bombings, and a huge array of sonic manipulations into the mix. In a nutshell, it is a tremendous but way too short-running miscellany. It is mandatory for everyone who used to think she/he is keen to experimental music.
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