Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mank - Gutta Percha (2013)


/Experimental electronica, Musique concrète, Chilltronica, Abstract, Mood music, Downtempo, Ambient techno/

Comment: Mank is an one-man outfit by Ben Powell who has been issuing a string of albums over the years. Curiously, as an experienced producer of having been active since the back end of the 90s he has recorded some of his albums whilst biding time after a work day on the boards of specific ships (the icebreakers, expedition ships). Furthermore, there could be assumed Powell is fascinated of borealic terrains and arctic beauty. In any cases, his recent 11-track issue is an arresting amalgamation of mesmeric, glacial-alike glimpses and snowy flickers, towering hypnagogic synth whiffs, and trance-y bubbling being interlaced or being a part of slightly evolving, simmering propulsions. Indeed, the listener can imagine her/himself to be sitting in the midst of a cold landscape or at the top of an iceberg wrapped up in a very warm blanket. Despite the rhythms the progressions conjure up the kind of still life. On the whole, the issue is both emotively and formally executed wherein abstract, cerebral appearances are mixed up with moody motes and seeds, however, thereby drawing in the listener without reservation.
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