Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Illocanblo - Lightframe Loretta (2013)


/Mood music, Electronic pop, Dub-tech, Psychedelic electronica, Chill out, Downtempo, Alternative/

Comment: this batch of 14 pieces is an organic blend of spaced-out synthesizer driven flutters and thudding bass keys filled in with predominantly chill out-ish hovers and moody glides. Stylistically there are up the abovementioned elements interlaced with majestic downtempo and psychedelic electronic pop/poptronica vibes, a tiny bit otherworldly gleaming synth pop fringes and more dynamic but hypnotic dub-tech wobbles. Furthermore, the issue encompasses funny dodges with regard to sonic effects and spoken word snippets. In a word, the work is solid.
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