Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fluorescent Heights – Highway Death (2011)

/Drone pop, Post-Psychedelic electronica, Avant-garde, Minimal/

: the slogan of Zeon Light, a Sweden-based digital/cassette label assumes "pretentious music for pretentious people". However, by listening to this 4-track album by Henrik Stelzer for the first time while driving with the bus in the tight mist in the early morning I was not able to understand it. It seemed so boring, so bleak and sparse just relying on one pulsating, dusty synth/organ layer. However, later the impression would be improving step by step on the strength of
discovering hypnagogic, heavily dream-filled looming coming out of it. Less is more - I do not hesitate to repeat it again and again. At the moment I think it is a great issue and I will rate it with a 92 %.
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