Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Droning Earth Vol.58 (2013)


/Ambient, Folktronica, Experimental electronica, Microtonal, Acousmatics, Drone, Musique concrète, Kosmische Musik, Crossover, Experimentalism, Avant-folk, Post-rock/

: Droning Earth is the blog (the Wordpress based one) of the Finnish musician Vesa Lähde. The site is mostly dedicated to metal music with cutting edge attitude, though, there are up some stylistic deviations either. However, this compilation involves 10 tracks within an hour basically rotating around ambient and drone axis which in turn involve an array of other influences and poignant infiltration - veering away folk/tronic developments, arpeggio-loaded post/ambient-rock-ish looming,  microtonal and noise esque undercurrents, spaced-out, field recording induced lushness, and a bit psychedelic, spaced-out Kosmische Musik flavor. By artist side, there are represented the likes of Echoes Of Yul, I`ve Lost, Enboe, Whirr & Nasha, Zeotrope, Daniel Barbiero & Chris Videll, Huey Walker & Bassbees, Derridium, Houdini, and Red Clouds. Emotionally the miscellany is caressing and thought-provoking simultaneously. In a word, the meloman should not give a damn to it. As I did. The listener has very much to discover behind these compilations.
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