Friday, June 14, 2013

Control Light - Ghostly Experience (2013)


/Hip-hop, Breakcore, Downtempo, Drum and bass, Alternative, Drill and bass, Leftfield, Remixes/

Comment: undoubtedly it is an interesting, complex recording on the strength of involving lots of elements and sonic manipulations. More concretely, the listener can perceive very welcome tension between acoustic and synthetic explorations, on the other side, there are represented an array of rhythm patterns which can just be tagged as "breakcore" - veering from intense drum and bass and drill and bass mazes to more laid back downtempo and soothing hip-hop cadences. Those less or more ghost-infused propulsions add a remarkable amount of charm to this 8-track album. The whole will be finished off with a pair of remixes. The issue is released on an Ukrainian record label, Ultra Vague Recordings. Spellbinding and blissed-out.
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