Friday, June 14, 2013

Angelo Taylor — Космические Картины (2013)


/Trance, Eurodance, Psyambient, Robot pop, New Age, Kosmische Musik, Mood music, Electronic pop, Space synth/

Comment: this album embraces 12 tracks with the end point of the course at 43.49. The whole relies on the extensive use of synthesizers, and autotuned, robot-alike vocal bits thereby drifting somewhere in between Tangerine Dream, and the classical Kraftwerk. This side is very convincing and enjoyable based on exciting sounds and solid compositions. On the other side, there are up other elements either - for instance, cheesy trance-y rhythms mixed up with banal eurodance beats which used to be an adverse element coming from within the whole at times. Yet, some trance-induced tracks used to have reliance on psychedelic templates thereby are allowed to be accomplished. If to explore the tracks more closely the listener can discover for the ones are dedicated to particular aeronauts/kosmonauts and one track to Jean Michel Jarre, a sonic astronaut.
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