Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vonsuck - Unreleased & Old 1994-1998 (2010)


/Deep house, Acid jazz, Club dance, Tech-house, Sampledelic, Ulmetronica, Alternative dance, Drum and bass/

Comment: Vonsuck is Taavi Laatsit who is being also known as Galaktlan, and a part from the duo Uni, Kulgurid, and the quartet Kismabande. However, Vonsuck was his first project while he was living in his hometown Tartu (later he moved on to Tallinn). There are represented 18 pieces which are spreaded out over 91 minutes. The result is highly nostalgic and on the ball reminding of those old good days when house music sounded like house, and drum and bass was an important part of underground dance music. Additionally, you were young and presumably more happy either. Furthermore, the miscellany involves first ulmetronic/space-oriented electronic experiments by him filled in with astral synth lines and serrated yet hypnotic rhythms (which would be more characteristic to be an ingredient of Uni`s and Galaktlan`s soundscapes). Sometimes those ulmetronic instants are traded to more acid jazz/tribal jazz-leaned undertakings. There are up some tracks involving eargasmic motives and giddy samples supposed to embark on to feast. Indeed, you can be sure the artist will not suck you from serotonin - on the contrary it lays bare a solid legacy before the listener managed to work without any errors and congestions. In a word, it is a sign of the 90s in Tartu (with other excellent indie combos like Bizarre, The Chance, Isadora Flore, Afternooning Plague Family).
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