Saturday, May 11, 2013

The New Mystikal Troubadours - The New Mystikal Troubadours' III (2011)


/Psych-rock, Trance rock, Shoegaze, Experimental rock, Alternative rock, Psychedelia, Drone rock/

Comment: TNMT is being a favourite artist at RMH. Indeed, Dave Gibson and Matt Perzinski`s albums deserve to be praised. This time their 12-track album walks along the line between mid-tempo psychedelia, dreamy shoegaze and discrete trance/drone rock swirls. There are up some ballads either. But you must be warned - those ones are just marvellous ones and stand powerfully out.All these compositions are simple yet organic ones including no frills and magniloquent ingredients. Warmth and longing emits from the album and one piece flows seamlessly to another. It is music for your very soul and mind.
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