Monday, May 27, 2013

Quadrilles - Inuit EP (2012)


/Experimental indie, Remixes, Art pop, Post-rock, Alternative rock/

Comment: Quadrilles is an interesting quartet from London, the capital city of the United Kingdom which do not sound like a common indie pop/rock example at all. For instance, formally the recent issue is divided into two parts - one of them encompasses original tracks, the other one involves the remixes of them. Stylistically, the collective blends tickling guitar chords with post-rock-ish hues and even math rock-tinged ellipse shaped rhythms, though, the remixes lay bare those influences even more distinctly. Furthermore, remix makers add electronic lining, and some chill out examples either. Regarding the concept of Quadrilles there can be drawn parallels upon the likes of The Sea And Cake, and The American Analog Set, for instance.
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