Monday, May 27, 2013 - MadeInSF (2013)


/Urban music, Nu jazz, Chill out, Cinematic, Fusion, Crossover, Trip-hop, Hip-hop/

Comment: behind these 6 track issue is Antonino Musco, a Sicily-based producer residing in San Francisco at the moment. My first meeting with his music (the album Am I Scared? 2008) was through Jamendo approximately 4 years ago. I can vaguely remember for that he and some other musicians had gathered under the slogan "jazz against the mafia" or something like that. However, his sound continually rotates around Miles-alike trumpet driven (cool) jazz/fusion progressions with overt hints at hip-hop, trip-hop, chill out, downtempo, and soul. And those crispy rhythms make sense. Most of the tracks are embellished with female vocal lines (Hanna Rifkin, and Jessy Manuel), and these ones used to be usually gorgeous (for instance, Near You, and About Tonight). Despite a shitloads of stylistic dodges and stops the whole is an organic and seamless one. Very solid work.
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