Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mikhail Lezin - Oil Pastel (2008)


/Abstract, Experimental rock, Noise, Avant-garde, Acousmatics, DIY, Lo-fi, Experimentalism/

Comment: Mikhail Lezin (1974, Togliatti, Russia) is an experienced artist who started off with his sonic proceeding at the beginning of the 90s. Later on, he is known to have been a member of an experimental rock combo, Yoko Absorbing which mixed up avant-rock with innovative electronica, morbid ambient, and non music effects. However, his 8-track publication is a retrospective publication chiming in an organic way - it straddles the borders between monotonous post-rock, blissed-out indie/dream pop appearances, childish yet eargasmic space pop motives and clattery toytronic interludes, weird even abstract sonic explorations, however, all these stylistic elements are inseparably related to a distinguishable DIY adrift. Wondrous and a little bit otherworldly.
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