Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kevin Sharkey - Disdain (2012)


/Sound art, Noise, Dark ambient, Musique concrète, Avant-electronica, Microtonal, Ambient noise, Glitchtronica, Experimental electronica, Abstract/

Comment: Kevin Sharkey is a musical producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota who has been active since 2006. However, his 3-track issue is an example set forth at a crossroad of minimally treated warm noises, signal-based sound art-y approach (full of repetitions), and gleaming ambient progressions. The outlet results in abstract soundscapes having no distinctive place and temporary characteristics (though, there seem to be represented some indecipherable concrete sounds). Might it be that some sounds coming from within the whole are merely phantasms? It unremarkably winds the listener up with regard to taking part in the sonic investigations rather than just enjoying an album. Despite his minimal approach Sharkey is able to move the passion of the mind with notable, compelling power.
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