Friday, May 31, 2013

Jarguna & Uzbazur345 - Oscure Presenze (2013)


/Abstract, Ambient, Microtonal, Dystopbient, Minimalism, Soundscapes, Kosmische Musik/

Comment: by listening to this 2-track composition the listener can feel him/herself to be laid back or sitting on the board of a space shuttle while perceiving the hiss of the motion at the highest speed. More profoundly, the first piece Post Tenebris expands step by step into the ghastly void/nothingness wrapped up in barely audible shadows and shades, though, the second track Sine Lumine involves the subdued moans of ghosts, torrent of treated sounds of the downfall, the drip of water and glacial glimpses overhead. Sometimes some parts of Jarguna & Uzbazur345`s soundscapes seem to be light, at times quite intense and overwhelming. Even punching. Behind the album are a pair of experienced composers from Italy, Simone Santarsiero, and Marco Billi. By kindred, abstract and space ambient souls I recommend to listen to Cold Womb Descent, Jeff Sampson, Scott Lawlor, Alio Die, Jari Pitkänen. In a nutshell, it is a simply superb experience. And visit other artists at the site of Buddhist on Fire either.
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