Saturday, May 11, 2013

Igor Amokian - Bendosphere EP (2012)


/Noise, Glitch noise, Drill and bass, Experimentalism, Noise drone, Avant-garde, Non-music, Psycho-acoustic/

Comment: this 6-track issue embraces noiseful sonic sculptures shaped up with heavy glitch dodges and sampled effects (shimmering chiptune-alike bits, intense drone overdrives and amusing spoken word elements) in the background. The result comes forth somewhere in between incisive noise and frantic drill and bass. Emotionally it radiates creepy and abrasive slams and bangs having overt impact on the listener`s moods and mental homostasis throughout the course. Otherwise, the issue is well produced, and  clear-cut showing up its impelling centre and more hazy brims and peripheries around it. In a word, inspite of having lots of elements coming out of it the whole is not a jumbled, chaotic one (despite having some noise fractals within it). The only thing you can be sure regarding this it extends out of pop afar.
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