Friday, May 24, 2013

Halloween - S/T (2012)


/Garage rock, Rockabilly, Alternative rock, Surf rock, Psychedelic rock/

Comment: there are up 9 instrumental pieces just spreaded out over 15 minutes (there is just one track longer than two minutes). Indeed, it is a compelling blend of dirty, unpolished rockabilly dashes, breezy surf riffs wounded up in a Florida summer night. Despite its hirsute nature the whole is entertaining and even soothing. Nice listening. Indeed, there is no reason to afraid of this group.  By the way, the basic riff in Ren Yao resembles Joy Division`s classic Love Will Tear Us Apart. The release is publicized on White Moon Recordings which reminds of another similar label, called Kill Mommy Records (hailing from Italy) where the genuine rock and roll touch is varied with more contemporary approaches.
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