Friday, May 17, 2013

Emerald Park - Things EP (2013)


/Alternative pop, Indie pop, Art pop, Baroque pop, Indie folk, Chamber pop/ 

Comment: there`s up a handful of new ditties by a Swedish combo, Emerald Park. As joyous and glossy as before, yet, there are some new grits and shades to be added to their sound. Indeed, these compositions used to sprout and blossom filled in with shimmering guitar circles, varied vocal appearances and emphasized synth-y lining more than ever before. For instance, The Night I Proclaimed Your Love is a gorgeous art pop/baroque pop instance as if Scott Walker produced music if he had launched his career just yesterday. At the Circus is an uncanny introspection of folk/country-tinged music exploiting rustical string instruments which are counterbalanced by blissful vowel orchestrations. Inspite of mentioning the pure pleasures of the EP the issue is equably fascinating (i.e without any weak moments for sure).
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