Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dead Canaries - For a Warmer Winter (2013)


/Experimental indie, Baroque pop, Folk indie, Alternative pop, Art pop, Psychedelia, Post-rock, Crossover/

Comment: there are up 9 tracks where Dead Canaries used to display their dizzy latitude to operate with different sounds and mix them up into organic, dynamic ones. More concretely, the basic template is guitar-based alternative pop which is blended with serrated reggae-paced skitting, halcyon post-rock tinged contemplations, electro baroque infiltrations, organ drone-relied psychedelic outing, and bucolic rustic folk songs. Moreover, there are represented the aesthetics obviously inspired by Ariel Pink`s timeless songwriting. However, Outside My Front Door is the exception based only on serene guitar chord orchestrations and blithesome female warble. In short, successful accomplishment.
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