Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chad Golda - Abroad (2011)


/Improvised music, Modern classical, Musique concrete, Post-psychedelic electronica, Free folk, Freak folk, Avant-folk, Weird folk, New Weird America/ 

Comment: Chad Golda was a part of free/indie folk collective starstarstar (previously known as ringostar, and ***) related to an excellent DIY label, Rack & Ruin Records (headed up by Dean Birkett). Actually the trio`s albums Electric Goose and The Nylon Moose, and Soul Tide were excellent exemplars. However, later on he started off to proceed his own solo career to depict formidable noises, quirky folk visions, and bent psychedelia. The instrumental album Abroad comprises a handful of pieces filled in with restrained piano chords which are accentuated with the sublime noises and glowering drones of an organ and lofty strums of a guitar and fingerpicked chords of a banjo in the background. Mostly Golda`s approach rotates around improvised folk compositions, though, the first half of the second track chimes like a modern classical opus at its core (which later will be stretched out to a section of psychedelic folk). In the third compositions there are up the sounds of a tiny bit metallic (as if prepared) strings wrapped up in the tight ambiance of hazy concrete sounds. All in all, the result is great and thought for those who prefer the open context for recording and listening to achieve the more natural feeling and perception. Superb by any means.
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