Friday, April 19, 2013

Trollhead - Trolls In Dub (2011)


/Breakcore, Industrial electronica, Experimental electronica, Dubstep, Big beat, Downtempo/

Comment: this issue of 4 pieces comprises bold rhythms, sub bass oscillations, spoken word snippets and intense yet whimsical electro overdrives atop it. However, the result is a seamless whole, though, involving many anguish, Zeitgeist-induced moods and ambiance. Stylistically, it shifts somewhere in between noisy industrial, punching big beat, crawling downtempo therefore resulting in highly hyperactive breakcore-esque madness. Furthermore, such a combination of sound was entitled as "dubstep" then. In conclusion, this issue has been managed in a way to provide enough charm, emotional bond and thought-provoking content.   
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