Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Hirundu - Páv a Krab (Peacock and Crab) (2013)


/Modern classical, Piano music, Alternative, Experimentalism, Minimalism/

Comment: every album by the Hirundu is a kind of mystery because you never could foresee what can be found within from it. The Hirundu is the project of the Englishman Johnny Crewdson. Although being influenced by post-punk and dance rock bands his music is frequently more radical than the biggest part of musical groups under the aforementioned styles. This time Crewdson`s sound is restrained, principally piano-driven where the chords are incessantly followed by each other. However, at times these slightly bleak, minimal keys are variegated with the sounds of orchestrations resembling the whistles of hoys somewhere in the midst of a big river. Indeed, Crewdson`s still life is really worth to be enjoyed, despite the fact that his previous whimsical tricks and acute knacks might be more impressionistic and expressive.       
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