Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Romantic States - Vessels Of Devils (2013)


/Slowcore, Dream pop, Alternative pop, Indie pop, Folk indie, Lo-fi/

Comment: Romantic States is a Baltimore, Maryland-based duo who have been issuing since 2010. Their music does have a mellow touch surrounded with chanting vocals and slowcore and dream pop mixed arrangements. Indeed, Vessels Of Devils is an outstanding issue involving some tracks with enthralling melodies and spellbinding harmonies made up with chiming guitars and creeping but multifarious singing and poignant accents. Although it might seem that it sounds a little dry or a bit in a clumsy way but it is such kind of dryness which is exhausting giving you a soothing feeling just before you fall asleep. For instance, listen to such tracks as Time Away, and Pine Forest. By kindred souls I recommend to listen to Ducktails, Low, Slowdive (especially Elephant Soundtrack)/Mojave 3, Lizard Kisses.  
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