Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Real Estate - December 11, 2012 Maxwell’s (2012)


/Indie rock, Dream pop, Art rock, Alternative pop, Jangle pop, Live session/

Comment: this set of 8 tracks performed live provides an emotionally overwhelming touch of softness, and easiness. These are simplistic songs at the first sight, however knocking at the listener`s heart. Conversely, on the strength of the aforementioned words these songs might not be simplistic at all - Martin Courtney`s heartfelt, wistful crooning, and Matt Mondaline`s discursive guitar chords chime and elegantly drift along (of course, reminding a little bit his solo project Ducktails´ soundscapes). There are represented the elements of jangle pop, dream pop, maybe even ambient pop, though, not being the orthodox representative of the abovementioned styles. Maybe their cliff-hanging shift from these styles can be embraced under the term "art rock". Of course, there can be drawn parallels upon the C86 scene, Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Lotus Plaza. Because of its effortless, heavily easy (even bucolic) nature this miscellany makes difference. Superb. Thanks to Nyctaper for delivering so many excellent live shows (it is not the one and only issue by Real Estate over there).             
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