Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monroeville Music Center - Le Progrès (2011)


/Exotica pop, Space Age, Acid pop, Alternative, Electronic pop, Mood music, Avant-garde, Experimental electronica, DIY, Proto-electronica/

Comment: these 4 tracks are to constitute a simplistic release just produced with the assistance of shimmering synth-based bleeping and crispy beats at the bottom. Those gentle themes and motives atop it used to hark back to the exotica pop and Space Age pop traditions back in the 1960s (at the time when Moog synthesizer was just invented thereby inducing a cult). There can be drawn parallels upon the likes of Raymond Scott, Martin Denny, Gershon Kingsley, Jean Jacques Perrey, Bruce Haack, and Morton Garson. 
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