Monday, April 22, 2013

M. Aesma Autopidu - M. Aesma Autopidu (2012)


/Alternative pop/rock/  

Comment: Madis Aesma is being known as the leader of the Estonian quasi indie combo ans. Andur whose name is the synonym for the decay of the Estonian indie music in the 00s. This 8-track album consists of hardly digestive songs because most of them are neither properly refined into pop format nor expanded toward a section which could be called "experimental" or "art pop". Some MA`s ditties have been managed in a way to recruit some motorik vibes or demonstrating even his keenness to chillwave-ish  sounds, though, ultimately resulting in numb, tentative songcraft. Despite there are up some auspicious premisses - for instance, the acid-soaked rockabilly Jõgeva drifts somewhere in between the influences of The Silver Apples, and The Fall, though having no ability to preserve its growth-oriented impulse. The only exception is Öö, Päev, Nädal due to its serene nature through retrodelic fusion-alike guitar chords and clear-cut melody hooks and refrain involvement. All in all, as I hinted earlier, this whole solidifies his mediocre songwriting. Unfortunately.                
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