Monday, April 15, 2013

Listening Mirror - Nets Of Wonder (2013)


/Modern classical, Microtonal, Ambient, Soundscapes, Dark ambient, Experimentalism, Minimal/

Comment: indeed, these 8 tracks do constitute a net of some kind of wonder, however, each of them will reveal its own intimate space. The result is spiritual and profound, filled with spherical contemplations and restrained glacial-alike burning at low temperature. Emotionally it varies due to incessant yet subdued changes in texture and envelope. You can say there again - less is more. Although being relatively restrained throughout the course the whole reveals its menacing, somehow threatening nature through every key and chords. Only the ending part showcases more major nature on the strength of running in the vein of modern classical-based approach. This album resembles a little bit the masterwork Rise Of Ldaovh by Cold Womb Descend. Great.      
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