Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jääkaappi - Sähköliha (2013)


/Hard rock, Psychedelic rock, Alternative rock/

Comment: these 14 pieces hark back to the tradition of good old hard rock times, more concretely, which could be described as a intense firework of boosting guitar riffs and overdrives, pronounced Finnish singing and heavy psychedelic Hammond organ sound conveying dusty magic and incessant key changes. However, by straddling the borders between a little bit grotesque, self-irony and serious thereby providing viable energy, joyous climaxes and pure fun. It might be seem strange but there are up some moments resembling Happy Mondays  (at least for Happy Mondays without those loose, baggy rhythms). The collective comes out from Finland, and the album is issued on an Estonian underground label, Trash Can Dance.       
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