Monday, April 15, 2013

Hypermagic - EICV7" No. 39 (2013)


/Chillwave, Shoegazetronica, Post-pop, Alternative pop, Glo-fi, Dream pop, Experimental indie/ 
Comment: in fact, this musical project deserves its name with regard to highly blessed-out soundscapes, more concretely, having relevance on angelic vocal lines and delay-sustained guitar chords and steady rhythmic sequences, however resulting in magic stardust. Stylistically it drifts somewhere in between electronic shoegaze, and chillwave-y tunes. You can call it "post-pop" provided that I can`t see what would be the next thing after that. Great listening by any means. This 2-piece issue is released on Everything Is Chemical, an singles delivering imprint.
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