Saturday, April 27, 2013

Harmash - Der Golem (2013)


/Sound art, Experimentalism, Ambient, Hauntology, Mirotonal, Avant-garde, Conceptual/ 

Comment: this batch of 7 tracks is a good example of how an ideal sort of ambient music should be produced for. Indeed, the Belarus-based artist Harmash fuses highly lush soundscapes with haunting moods, and mini symphony near progressions seamlessly stepped up and slowed down, respectively. More concretely, there are up clear-cut, treated sounds and remarkably rough hisses and microtonal noises thereby allowing the listener to enjoy a multidimensional perception of experimental music. Even if these compositions are made up just by following the minimal mode the resonances coming out from restrained turns and effects use do form a formidable approach. In a word, this whole sounds like a holistic approach of tasty sounds and the conceptual burden. The album is issued on a solid outfit, Foundamental Network.           
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