Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Floating Mind ‎– ++ EP (2007)


/Experimental techno, Abstract techno, Avant-techno, Glitch techno, Deep techno, Tech-house/

Comment: Roberto Vitali aka Floating Mind`s 4-track issue takes on divergent tendencies by the side of techno music. More profoundly, it takes on spaced-out, hauntingly hiss-loaded glides where are represented both warm and abstract facets, sprawling techno and house mixed vibes, or showcasing some more glitch-y and effect-laden bounces flickering intensely here and there. Every element on the whole seems to be profoundly measured and poignantly accentuated. The tracks are repetition-heavy, mesmeric progressions where many layers are channelized through the sonic filters. The result is intricate and interesting.     
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