Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dustevil & Crow - Accidental Music (2012)


/Avant-folk, Psych-folk, Improvised music, Avant-rock, Drone rock, Drone folk, Experimental rock, Free folk, Psychedelia/ 

Comment: in the first place, "accidental music" can be tagged as "aleatoric". This 11-piece issue consists of droning guitar shuffles, dubbed hazy vocal endeavors and psych-rock plodding, and improvised music thereby resulting in a sonic mayhem full of dredging charm and being enough playful to drive the listener nuts in its silent, even cunning way. One reason is that all these layers are set to shift permanently against each other. Absolutely stunning. I discovered this combo thanks to the fact aboombong, one of the most wondrous (though, yet very underrated) musicians, has collaborated with them. This is music rather than the Eurovison-alike bad humor, for instance (boycott it if you can).       
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