Thursday, April 11, 2013

D´r Sjaak - Speees KojBoj (2009)



/Industrial rock, Alternative, EBM, Leftfield, Dark pop, Synth pop, Big beat, Crossover/

Comment: undoubtedly this 12-track release is a little freaky due to its unsettled and bent nature which, of course, is welcome. It extends from brooding industrial synth rock and EBM sequences to more spaced-out electronic compositions involving the shards of hip-hop, big beat, cut and paste aesthetics. Or just conflating acoustic chords with electronically designed layers. However, despite a vast array of styles and experiments the album is judicious and accomplished. Emotionally there are some upgrading, expansive moments where D´r Sjaak extols the fun of music due to campy dodges and undulation, though, the greater part of the content is elegantly murky and glowering. And the coverprint is impressive. off!        
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