Thursday, April 4, 2013

Debmaster - Crevin (2013)


/Electro pop, Alternative, Electro-indie, Industrial electro, Experimental electro, Alternative dance/ 

Comment: this 16-track album`s idea is related tensely to intense rhythms thereby allowing itself to be described as "breakcore". On the other side, despite of having matched between chiptune, brooding moments and even graceful, Clinic-alike electro-indie turns at times the center of the album is concentrated on electro pulsations mixed up with rigid robot shakes and mesmeric noises. More concretely, Kraftwerk-esque electro pop is varied with more dancefloor measured oscillations and crunked-out, eargasmic chaos on it. The result is tremendous worth to be enjoyed any bits on it. One of the best records in 2013 so far.      
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