Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Various Artists - Retork (2003)


/Experimental electronica, Electronic pop, Glitchtronica, Chiptune, Soul funk, Downtempo, IDM/

Comment: Retork is a compilation album by Enough Records, a Portugese record label. It involves the manning of such artists as Mosaik, Aisth, Kilowatt heaturing Synesthesia, Sense, Makunouchi Bento, Duncan Avoid, Xhale, Julien Neto, Kschzt, Khonnor, Quobe, Fysiz featuring Netpoet, Sinespree, Nullsleep. However, stylistically this 12-track issue extends from peaceful yet profound IDM/downtempo freights to more angular glitchy paces, from chiptune-tinged acid dashes to catchy autotune soul funk. These exhales used to be on the ball by any means.  
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