Friday, March 29, 2013

These Are Them - Real People Enjoy Life EP (2013)


/Post-punk, Alternative pop/rock, Electro-indie, Synth rock, Dance rock, Alternative dance/

Comment: this set of 4 ditties by the London, UK-based trio These Are Them takes on either on dashing synth-driven electro indie/rock or less debilitated, more stunned post-rock noises and strikes. Indeed, there might be the tension between these elements throughout the course. On the other hand, the aforementioned differentiation is a little bit artificial because these elements are closely and frequently seamlessly imbued with, though. However, the best piece is Not Always, on the strength of remarkable leaning on jangly guitars and permanently varied drumming patterns. Highly epic and convincing. Pop music at its best for sure. However, the other tracks are on the ball as well. The EP is issued on an unrivalled post-punk/coldwave/art punk label, Zorch Factory.     
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