Monday, March 4, 2013

Inspite - Strong and Bitter Words Indicate A Weak Cause (2013)


/Powerviolence, Hardcore punk, Screamo, Brutal metal, Grindcore/

Comment: there are represented 22 short-running tracks (some of them do embrace some seconds only). It is made up of a huge barrage of obsessive energy and rage taking on hardcore punk, technical metal, violent screamo. More concretely, all of that is built upon desperately shouting vocal lines, streaked guitar lines and heavily pummeling drums. However, the result is believable and convincing. You can consider it as an instance of American anti-dream. The album was recorded in 1998. It might be quite surprising but one of those guys behind the project was Nicholas Vance who heads up the indie/shoegaze/fuzz pop/neo-psychedelic combo Kent State now.    
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