Sunday, March 17, 2013

Galaktlan - Second Memory (2013)


/Downtempo, IDM, Indietronica, Kosmische Musik, Alternative, Leftfield, Experimental electronica, Ulmetronica/ 

Comment: behind Galaktlan hides himself Taavi Laatsit, a 35-year-old Estonian electronic musician whose has been active since the second half of 90s (under the pseudonym of Von Suck), later he has been involved in such groups as Uni, and Kulgurid whose albums Kosmikud (1999), and Reisimuusika (2008) respectively were unrivalled hallmarks in the Estonian electronic/underground scene (so-called ulmemuusika). Anyway, this list involves Galaktlan`s debut album Sinine Platoo (2002) either. Additionally, he was being a part of Kismabande as well. However, Galaktlan`s third album includes hints at indie and Kosmische Musik-related elements more than ever before, though, of course, being closely imbued with uplifting IDM-esque rhythms, wispy downtempo progressions and glacial synthesizer passages throughout. Emotionally it is a balanced one drifting between pictureque autumnal melancholy and spirit-refreshing letups and moods. Similarly to the soundscape the coverprint is highly mesmeric as well. The more you listen to it the better it gets. One of the best albums in 2013 so far.           
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