Sunday, March 10, 2013

[Compilation] New Weird Australia - Western Schism (2012)


/Avant-garde, Weird folk, Experimentalism, Free folk, Crossover, Indie folk, Dream folk, Experimental electronica, DIY/

Comment: it might be that our imagination and understanding of the term "New Weird" is closely related to the new wave of folk-based music in the United States started off in the first half of the 00s sometime. However, by having listened to the array of compilations of New Weird Australia-centered miscellanies this music is far away beyond the folk-embraced pales. More concretely, by enjoying this 18-track issue there can be perceived a divergent array of hints and tastes spiced up with experiments and electronic oddities. There are represented sub jazz weirdos, spaced-out lo-fi contemplations, psychedelic funk propulsions, obscure pitch-shifted electronic endeavours, mesmeric rhythm sections, uncompromising avant-prog hovers and much more else. There are up such artists as Leaving, Salamander, FM Raster, Jane Harris, Brown, The Gulls, Mental Powers, Javier Frisco, Ourobonic Plague, Solar Barge,  Furchick, Eleventeen Eston, James Ireland & Andrew Sinclair, Predrag Delibasich, Kućka, Craig McElhinney.                 
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