Sunday, March 3, 2013

2muchachos - Forest Is Not What It Seems (2013)


/Dreamwave, Avant-pop, Slowcore, Baroque pop, Chamber pop, Hypnagogic pop, Experimental indie/

Comment: it has always been a great pleasure to listen to the Russian sonic wonder 2muchachos` releases. This time the trio`s brand new one seems to be trudged more through elfin and fairy tale-ish woods if to compare it to the previous ones. More concretely, those old-fashioned analogue synths are to provide otherworldly feeling, oneiric pace, sublime harmonies, and a little bit ghostly wraparounds. Ont the other side, there are also represented slowcore-ish guitar-driven progressions giving the whole a more accentuated envelope. Hopefully the human race will die off before the forests and woods will be ravaged. It might be we do not deserve this world.     
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