Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vinyl Williams - Naked Sanctuary (2010)


/Shoegaze, Space rock, Avant-rock, Psychedelia, Ambient, Experimental rock, Dream pop/

Comment: undoubtedly Los Angeles resident Vinyl Williams` album Lemniscate was one of the most fabulous pop examples in 2012. The world famous film composer John Williams` grandson combined sultry indie/shoegaze templates with electronic beats wrapped up in purple, stroboscope-induced light shafts. However, a predecessor of it, Naked Sanctuary, was a more orthodox issue in a guitar-driven sense. On the other side, this handful of pieces was undoubtedly a synthetic release, filled with spaced-out vocal hum and dazzling guitar noises which in turn are composed of overdriving chords and graceful key changes.  In general, it is a seamless drift between knee-deep (neo)psychedelic propulsions and majestic, horizon-catched guitar pop. However, instrumental track Spiral Galaxy could be considered the exception on it with regard to clear-cut ambient developments with hints at some electro-acoustic clicks and cuts. You can be sure Vinyl Williams is still in motion.
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