Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Hirundu - The Colour Of Pamanganates (2012)


/Alternative, Anti-rock, DIY, Art rock, Ambient, Electronic pop, Brass pop, Experimental electronica, Leftfield, Experimental rock, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, No Wave/  

Comment: undoubtedly Johnny Crewdson is one of those unsung geniuses whose loads of issues (with or without comrades) are up to be discovered in the future. Having been active since 1987 he has been demonstrating an infernal drift between off-kilter electronica/sound art/alternative dance and uncompromising indie/lo-fi/post-punk/No Wave aesthetics, between knee-deep avant-garde and quirky pop music. This time his music seems to be more string and natural drums centered, though, those sparkling "guitar pop" tracks are more or less bent and warped. Listen to slight funk track Casual Paging, and light-hearted orchestration Planet Of The Lathes, and lofty violin hook based Itll All Work Out In Poundland, and delightful vocoder-induced Feed The Ducks, To The Swans, and and ebullient brass pop beauty Near The Photographic Island you will get the idea of my aforementioned words. Moreover, imagine The Beta Band meets Arthur Russell meets Super Furry Animals meets David Bowie meets The Nits, for instance. But not only, of course. In the first place - it is The Hirundu in Crewdson`s idiosyncrasy. Very inspiring compositions by any means.
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