Friday, January 4, 2013

So I`m An Islander - Woodwork (2012)


/New Weird Denmark, Chamber folk, Folk indie, Experimental folk, Weird folk, Indie folk, Dream folk, Modern classical, Mood music, Neoclassical/

Comment: this one-man-project hails from Aarhus, Denmark being the nom de plume for Søren Nissen Jørgensen, who originally comes out of the small town of Augustenborg located on the island of Als, Denmark. A more curious fact is that Jørgensen`s some song titles are written in Southern Jutlandic, a dialect of Danish. Jørgensen`s debut album consists of 14 pieces which will ultimately be ended up at 51.50. Consequently it does mean there should be enough room to progress and extend through ghostly but thoughtful piano chords and either sparkly indie folk or halcyon orchestrations gliding across blissed-out,
gravitation-free meadows to slightly luminous points far away. More generally, the album can be considered an example of organic drift between chamber and dream (boreal) folk tendencies, (modern) classical templates and neoclassical ripples. Frequently his audible (and imaginable) aesthetics reminds of Oskar Hallbert, an eremite living in the woods of Sweden. The album contains an array of teasers. In a word, Jørgensen is a country boy being faithful yet slightly modifying and interpreting his roots.
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