Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Marco Manzella e Antonella Scalia (2013)


/Post-rock, Symphonic rock, Experimental rock, Ambient rock, Instrumental, Classical/

Comment: this batch of 7 compositions is a mindblowing one composed of the elements of orchestrated classical terrains, post-rock-esque carcasses, and ambient (rock) jitters. Inspite of heady structures the release is counterbalanced with a torrent of senses and enough mood turns pouring out of any slots (sometimes reminding even of Penguin Cafe Orchestra in its uncompromising pursuit for beauty). Behind this combo are Marco Manzella (electric guitar), and Antonella Scalia (classical violin) who started off their  collaboration and thereby the combo in 2012. However, they are assisted by Simone Alvich (pianoforte), and Emanuela Sala (voice in Oltre) at times. Very special post-rock collective.
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