Sunday, December 23, 2012

Reality Asylum - Was Tat Ich EP (2005)


/Alternative rock, Post-punk, No Wave, Avant-punk, Art punk/

Comment: this set of 3 pieces is undoubtedly an effort representing post-punk music in a very solid way. Monotonously stomping drum machine-based beats have been managed in a way to be set below gliding or more tempered guitar swipes and spoken word snippets, however, embellished with stereo effects and suggestive melodies at times. Indeed, it harks back to krautrock aesthetics. As we used to know very well Julian Cope who has been championing krautrock music was also a post-punker as a member of Teardrop Explodes once. In a word, it is the kind of punk for what I am ready to give a damn.
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