Friday, December 21, 2012

Perry Ferya Band - Live on Venus (2012)


/Krautrock, Space rock, Psychedelic rock, Avant-rock, Improvised music, Psych-rock, Experimental rock, Live session/

Comment: of course, it is not the first time by a seminal avant-garde records, Clinical Archives, to issue dizzy krautrock-ish and hazy space rock propulsions under its imprint. You can remember for such amazing acts as Children Of Ishizuke Tree, Joxfield ProjeX, Melting Clouds, Yoko Absorbing, Magical Unicellular Music, Skala Collective (a marginal project of SC`s musicians). This 39-minute set is a session at a stage involving different sections and plays of variegated intensities full of glacial synths, sultry guitars, reshuffled drums thereby conjuring up psychedelic dust strips and stripes. Stunning.
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