Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jan Grünfeld - A Trace (2012)


/Ambient folk, Folkgaze, Dream folk, Organic electronica, Ambient, Indie folk, Musique concrète, Folk indie/

Comment: there are up 13 compositions dragged out for 47 minutes. More profoundly,  despite of being instrumentally minimal the issue is highly picturesque due to gliding guitar chords, blissed-out strums, suggestive vowel expansions, and environmental sound processing thereby resulting in wondrous tonality and plenty of semitones and fulltones. Emotionally it is a refreshing, bucolic listening time with regard to staggered murky and cloudless moods. Now and then Grünfeld is accompanied by unknown female singing therefore
further expanding his world of sounds. There may be drawn some parallels upon Imandra Lake`s pristine (ambient) folk endeavours and Coen Oscar Polack`s field recording snippets recorded in India, for instance. In a nutshell, this rich textured album can be considered a soundtrack of your saturday morning. At random today is saturday. And with sunshine.
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