Sunday, December 23, 2012

Esoteric Sob - Nostalgia (2012)


/Modern classical, IDM, Downtempo, Electronic pop, Neoclassical, Chilltronica, Mood music/

Comment: Esoteric Sob is the nom de plume of John Trifonopoulos, an electronic music artist from Greece. His 9-piece issue is an evocative blend of doleful chilltronic/downtempo progressions, bleak glitch-y dark ambient and neoclassical soundscapes, ethereal modern classical domains, silenful IDM-esque beats. Indeed, the whole sounds like a muffled dirge for somewhat or someone lost or buried recently, respectively. However, all these aforementioned sonic elements used to depict realms and sections inside the human being`s soul and mind. The central track is Everyday Stories featuring Karra Russell in charge of vocal delivery. Very good.
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