Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cocolixe - Doméstico EP (2012)


/Electronic pop, Dub, Krautrock, Funk, Alternative, Poptronica, Alternative dance, Glo-fi, Indie dance/

Comment: the Uruguayian artist Fabián D'alesio aka Cocolixe`s brand new one is a mesmeric drift between indie/krautrock/chillwave and electronic rhythmic shuffles. Indeed, imagine Neu! meets modern Neu! (Ladytron, Fujiya & Miyagi, Stereolab, for instance) driven by obsessive propulsions and deliberate static elements abovestairs. On the other side, the ending track Swing Low gives a damn for sliced funk gears and acidic dub vibes. In conclusion, similarly to Cocolixe`s previous issues this one is graceful and charming full of serotonine-induced turns and suggestive harmonies.
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