Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kamikaze Deadboy - Self Titled (2012)


/Crossover, Ambient, Breaks, Plunderphonics, Jungle, Samplecore, Sound collage, Experimental electronica, Musique concrète/ 

Comment: my first experience regarding meeting the arty aspirations of Halifax, the UK-based artist Keiron Ignorant aka Kamikaze Deadboy was related to the album If You Happy, Buy Me on Echoboy Records back in 2008 which was a 22-track dizzy blend of a tremendous array of frenetic breaks, poignant samples and innovative cores. However, he had been issuing a series of releases on Sociopath Recordings at the end of the 2000s either. This time the British musician gets involved in the list of Sirona-Records offering up 8 compositions spreaded out over 28 minutes which used to wobble in between a little lethargic but relieving spatial plateaus (which consist of dreamy and still life depicting soundscapes a la Pan Am, flourishing orchestrations and solemn church songs) and incisive rhythmic frequencies (based mostly on aggressive jungle rhythm sequences). Moreover, these elements are tightly interspersed with concrete sounds (the insects chirr and the frogs croak here and there). In a nutshell, I am very glad that Deadboy is back with a decent album.
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