Monday, December 12, 2011

SoftClip – Between the Land And The Sky (2011)

/Trip-hop, Downtempo, Experimental electronica, Dubtronica, Electronic pop, Chill out, Cinematic/

: I can remember for that Good Natured Threat`s Short Stories EP (2011, Melodica) was reviewed at RMH in March which provides an organic shift between club dance-esque cadences and more pop-oriented visions. GNT used to exist as the cooperative project of Mark and Lara Hjorthoy, a pair from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (you know the home city for the Canucks, a hockey team). Anyway, Mark is this time alone, yet, continuing to run on the similar way, more concretely, by amalgamating suggestive trip-hop/downtempo/dub-oscillating beats into the set of gleaming upper layers of sounds. There is even hinted at the resemblance with Durutti Column, a British art-rock/post-punk legend (I can only agree with it). The 4-track publication seems to be more bigger than the mere sum of its particles. Indeed, it is seamless, organic, it can even be considered as a holistic masterpiece. Listen to it!
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